• cafe

    Every afternoon we will have snack time. You may send in a healthy snack and drink.

    Your child has the option to either bring in a lunch from home or buy lunch at the Kid's Cafe. There are several options when ordering lunch, a menu will go home at the beginning of each month listing the various choices. Lunch costs $2.30 per day. If you do not want your child to carry cash to school each day you may send in a check and the money will be deposited into their account. Additionally you can access their account from home at www.myschoolbucks.com and deposit money through a debit or credit card (it may take up to 48 hours to clear). You can multiply $2.30 by the number of days you want your child to buy lunch. Each child has their own five digit lunch ID number. Each student should try to memorize this number, as they will have to key it in at the cafeteria whenever they purchase a school lunch. There is detailed information regarding the lunch program on the main school webpage.