• Developmental Milestones for Speech and Language
    Birth - 5 months
    -reacts to loud sounds
    -turns head toward a sound source
    -watches your face when you speak
    -vocalizes pleasure and displeasure sounds (laughs, giggles, cries, or fusses)
    -makes noise when talked to
    6-11 months
    -understands "no-no"
    -babbles (ba-ba-ba or ma-ma-ma)
    -tries to communicate by actions or gestures
    -tries to repeat your sounds
    12-17 months
    -attends to a book or toy for about two minutes
    -follows simple directions accompanied by gestures
    -answers simple questions nonverbally
    -points to objects, pictures, and family members
    -says two to three words to label a person or object
    (pronunciation may not be clear)
    -tries to imitate simple words
    18-23 months 
    -enjoys being read to
    -follows simple commands without gestures
    -points to simple body parts such as "nose"
    -understands simple verbs such as "eat" or "sleep"
    -correctly pronounces most vowels and n,m,p,h, especially in the beginning or syllables and short words. also begins to use other sounds
    -says 8-10 words
    -asks for common food by name
    -makes animal sounds ('moo' etc.)
    -starting to combine words such as "more milk"
    -begins to use pronouns such as "mine"
    Developmental information from the National Institute on Deafness and other Communciation Disorders