• boy blocks

    Why is play important?        


          Play is a child’s “work”.  It’s what they do in order to learn about their world.
          Play allows a child to learn and practice new skills in all areas.
          Play provides a vehicle to interact with people and objects in their environment.
          Play promotes independence during “down time”.
          Play builds confidence and competency.
          Learning how to play appropriately with toys can replace non-functional play.
          Most important, IT’S FUN!!!


    How does play differ for a child with a developmental disorder?


    Children without a developmental disorder   

    Internally Reinforcing                                           
    Children with a developmental disorder
    Can be Non-Functional
    Limited interests
    Selecting Toys? 

         Pick out toys that are related to your children's INTERESTS.

        If your child engages in "non functional behavior" choose toys that
        provide the same sensory input but in a more appropriate way.
        Choose toys that correspond to your child's developmental level.

    Teaching Tips


        *Don't be afraid to "change the rules" or use only some of the pieces
         to simplify the play in the beginning.
       *Remember to teach "one step at a time." Small steps will lead to
         BIG gains.
       *Program for success! Provide "prompts" as needed in order to ensure
         that your child continues to be successful and motivated.
       *Structure play time in "small time frames" frequently
         throughout the day.

       *Know when to end a play session!