• Monroe Township Board of Education
    Meet the Central Office Support Team

    Superintendent's Office
    Reeshemah Zielinski, Confidential Secretary to the Superintendent
     . Handles & manages all correspondence and appointments for the Superintendent
    . Employment Leave Requests
    . Items for Board Agenda
    . Board Policy Updates
    . Violence & Vandalism/HIB Reports & Supt. Letters to Parents
    . Staffing recommendations for TAG, Basic Skills, Sports, and Clubs
    Dorothy Domke, Secretary
     . Substitute Personnel Processing – process all paperwork including fingerprints, background checks, PayServ database, etc. . Superintendent’s Office Receptionist

    Assistant Superintendent's Office
    Deborah Gialanella, Confidential Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent
    . Handles & manages all correspondence and appointments for the Assistant Superintendent
    . Curriculum & Instruction and Secretary to Staff Developers
    . School Calendar/District Master Calendar
    . Administrators’ Summer Vacation Scheduling
    . Mini-Grants & MEF Grants
    . Student Suspensions
    . Home Schooling
    Vanessa Calo, Secretary
    . Secretary to Supervisors of Arts & Career Technology and Language Arts/Media/World Language
    . Professional Development & MyLearningPlan.com
    . Curriculum & Instruction
    . Grants/Testing & Special Projects
    . District G&T Data Coordinator
    . Secretary to Supervisors of Grants/Testing and Social Studies/Science
    Marianne Taylor, Secretary
    . Curriculum & Instruction
    . Field Trips
    . AVID Program
    . Student Teachers’ Coordination