• Centers
    We have so many fun educational centers.
    leveled library 
    Students read on different reading levels. This center is our Reading Center. Students can feel comfortable and build their self-esteem by picking out books on their reading level. 
    art center 
    Our Art Center is a creative but educational center. Students will pick words from the word wall, write them and then draw an illustration that matches each word.
    The Playdough Center is a great center where students get to build words while having fun at the same time.
    play dough
    Our Math Center is where we follow up on that days math lesson by using manipulatives, playing games or completing a task. math center
    The Writing Center is a great place for us to use different types of writing prompts. This center is where students write, conference and publish their stories.
    Our Social Studies Center has lots of map puzzles and an electric globe where students can be pilots and fly to different continents.
    social studies
    We have over 20 different educational centers in our classroom. These were just a few I named. If you are a parent and you would like to see more, come take a tour of our classroom. You are always welcome.