**Parents are asked to please supply the following items for the upcoming school year:

    1 Folder (with pockets on bottom)

    1 spiral notebook (to be used as a daily journal)

    1 pencil case or pouch (to hold supplies in the desk)

    1 three ring binder, 3/4 to 1 inch preferred (to be used as a 2nd grade memory book)

    **Parents may be asked to help replenish some supplies later in the school year.

    Optional but appreciated:

    1 box of gallon OR quart- size ziplock bags

    Students will be given their own crayons and pencils and many other items to facilitate 2nd grade learning.

    Additionally, all students will have access to the following shared items:

    colored pencils, magic markers, erasable pens (blue, black, red), student scissors, borrowing pencils and more! 

    If you prefer that your child have their own personal "art media" items, it is permitted. 

    All supplies listed are optional. Any supplies that you can't send in, for any reason, I will supply!

    Thank you! 

    Mrs. Shea