"My teacher's name is Ms. Quinn. She is really nice! I don't want to go to 3rd grade.  Ms. Quinn taught us a lot of different things. She made learning really fun. Sometimes she sang songs with us. Ms. Quinn does a lot of special things, and silly things, with us. If you follow the rules, you will have a great time! I loved being in 2nd grade. Ms. Quinn is a really great teacher. I loved being in Ms. Quinn's class."    
        "One of our subjects is math. It is very fun. We learn addition, subtraction and multiplication. We also learn about money and time. Some of our math tools are rulers, snap cubes and number lines. Math is really fun. We solve problems everyday."
        "Science is a fun subject. We do a lot of fun things in science. One thing we did in science is compost in the classroom with real worms. We also learned about so many things while doing experiments. You will love Mystery Science too! Science is a lot of fun! "
        "Recess is out on the playground and we have a lot of fun. We play a lot of games like box ball and more too. You can sit on the buddy bench if you need a friend to play with. We really like recess."
       Being Star Student is so much fun. You get to take home Ted. E. Bear. He comes with a whole suitcase full of clothes. You get to do a lot of things. We get to read a book, make and read a poster, wear a hat, get a sticker and pencil, and everyone says a special googmorning to you. You get to be the star student for the whole week. A family member can come in and visit our class. Being the Star Student is so much fun! "
             "Health is very cool. We put on a play about healthy foods. The main character in the play learns how to take care of himself because the foods and body parts talk to him. Little D. is another character that helps us learn about health. Health is the best subject ever."
         "Grab Your Bag and Go is a really fun HW job.  We get to bring home a bookbag filled with learning stuff and we get to keep it home all week.  It is fun."
         "We did a lot of things in social studies this year. You get to go to Mrs. Lopez's class for social studies. You get to learn about the past and see maps too. You will learn a lot in social studies. "
         "I love reading and writing! We do a lot of both all year! I especially like reading with a partner and writing my own books. Sometimes we learn reading by singing songs and doing read alouds. Reading and writing rule!"