BEGINS Oct. 1st
    Ends March 31st

    Dear Parents,

    Research clearly indicates that the single most important
    thing that a child can do to improve his/her reading ability
    is to read.The Book – It Program is a reading incentive
    program that your child will be participating in. It will be
    part of your child’s regularly assigned HW, but will not
    appear on the HW assignment pad each day. It is
    designed to motivate children to read more, by rewarding
    them for their reading accomplishments.
    I will send home a BOOK-IT READING CHART. You need to sign the chart to indicate that your child is indeed reading silently, orally, independently, or to someone for
    the required 60 minutes a week. You and your child will
    have the flexibility to divide up the minutes throughout the week so that the reading can be relaxed and enjoyable.
    It is recommended that your child reads daily, about 10 minutes a day but it isn’t required. The total reading time
    must equal the specified amount of minutes for the month.
    All of the reading that your child does counts towards the 60 minutes; including the reading of stories assigned for HW or reading done in the science, social
    studies, and health texts, etc. Try fun ways to read using
    books on tape, the “Leap Frog Leap Pad”, or even have
    your child read silently on his/her bed with quite music
    playing in the background.
    Return the form signed at the end of each month
    to receive a Pizza Hut AWARD CERTIFICATE. Your child
    can redeem this for a free, personal pizza. We will be
    keeping a progress chart in class. Remember, this reading
    is not optional and is part of the regularly assigned HW
    each week.
    BOOK IT has a web site with parent information
    and fun kid stuff available.
    Access it www.bookitprogram.com.
    Thank you for helping to improve reading
    skills and develop a greater appreciation of books!
    Readers are leaders!


    Ms. Quinn