• Dear Parents and Guardians,

    All papers that come home with the words FIX or FINISH on them should be FIXED or FINISHED.  Please return them to school within a week.  Do not allow your child to r u s h just to “get them done” but take your time so that your child benefits from the practice.  With the amount of work that we cover, it is not possible to provide every child with all the class time needed to correct every single error with the teacher.  Therefore, I need back-up support from home.  Please assist your child during these tasks, reviewing concepts that you find are more difficult for your child on a regular basis and alert me if your child simply “doesn’t get it”.  Remind your child that sloppy work is unacceptable and that they will begin having to re-do assignments if necessary.  Keep nicely sharpened pencils and a big eraser close by for easy access during homework time.  Use it if your child isn’t doing their best, neatest work.  Having a dictionary, appropriate for a second grader, near their “homework spot” will assist during writing tasks and help build a bridge between phonetic, “inventive spelling”, and accurate spelling.  I will have several dictionaries available for classroom use as well.  Additionally, WOT written on your child's paper means Worked On Together.

    Thank you for your help.