• STAR STUDENT’S ACTIVITY SCHEDULE:  Each student will be assigned a week randomly.  If a parent has a strong date preference, please contact Ms. Shea early in September.


    The Friday before your week begins:

    Bring in your poster and things to display.


           Monday of your special week:

    All students make a special STAR for your bulletin board. 

    You get a star student pencil, a hat, and a sticker.
    Our class bear gets to "learn" with you this week.
    Tuesday of your special week:

    You read a short story that you have practiced very well to our class.


           Wednesday of your special week:

    You receive a SKIP A “DO NOW” COUPON that can be used with permission.

           We will have a Random Dance to a song that you choose (must be appropriate for school)


           Thursday of your special week:

    Share your Show and Tell items and poster with the class.



            Friday of your special week:

    Parent Visit/Family Member Visit or Special Activity with your class: 

           This is usually the day that a parent, relative, or friend visits or zooms into our classroom to read, do a craft or play a game, sing, dance, etc.    The above plan may vary to accommodate schedule changes, days off, and parent visitation conflicts.