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    Comprehension in What We Read…


    It is important for both parents and teachers to help build a reading community! This will enable the students to become lifelong readers.  Here are some recommendations to do with your child at home:


    • Read with your child
    • Help your child choose appropriate books
    • Talk to your child about the books they are reading (very important). Ask inferential questions as well as who, what, where, when, and why questions.

    Here are some questions that support the reading instruction that we are doing in school:

    • Why did you choose this book?
    • What do you think will happen next? What part of the text makes you think that?
    • Does this book remind you of anything that has ever happened to you?
    • What have you been wondering as you read this story?
    • Does this book make you think of anything else you have read?
    • Were there any words or phrases in your reading that you really like? Which ones?
    • What has been your favorite part of the book so far? Why?
    • Was there a part of the book that surprised you? Why?
    • Would you like to read another book by the same author? Why or why not?
    • Can you think of someone else you know who would like this book? Why?
    • Is this book too challenging, a little too easy, or just right for you? How do you know?
    • Were there any places in the book that had you confused? Did you reread to help you understand? 

    Below are some useful prompts to use when helping your child make connections:

    • So, when I read…
    • When I saw the picture of ___________________, it made me think about…
    • When I read (or heard) the words_________________, it reminded me of…

     Have your child ask questions about the story:

              -Before they start reading, look at the front cover and title

              -During their reading

              -After they are done reading