• Student Supply List



    • 2- 2-pocket folders (with child’s name written on the outside of the folder)
    • 1-  ½ inch 3-ring binder
    • 1 or more- Dry Erase marker(s)
    • 1- pack of post-it notes (size 3 x 3)
    • 1- pencil case to hold all belongings (should fit easily inside desks, students are welcome to bring their own crayons but a small pack will be supplied for each student)
    • 1- glue stick or small pack of glue sticks
    • 2 or more erasers (pencil toppers or large rectangular)
    • 1- backpack (make sure your child is able to carry the book-bag on their own, please refrain from bags with wheels)
    • 1- lunch box (used for lunch and a healthy snack)
      • Please send in a healthy snack, separate from your child’s lunch that can be eaten sometime during the school day. This “snack break” may be a “working snack” and students might be munching while they are working.  Therefore, please don’t send in difficult to eat items or food that creates a “mess”.  Additionally, snacks loaded with sugar defeat the purpose.  Remind your child that it is not a lunch and the snack is intended to be a healthy “brain pick-me-up”. 


    (Optional, but appreciated items, these will be used throughout the school year)

    • Boxes of Tissues
    • Ziploc Bags- all sizes: sandwich, quart, gallon
    • Baby wipes or Clorox wipes
    • Antibacterial hand sanitizer
    • Extra pencils, gluesticks, post-it notes, dry-erase markers, and erasers

    Please label all of your child’s personal items.


    *A printable version is available on the Summer Letters and Documents Page