O   Students are expected to read 20 minutes each night. A reading log will be given on Mondays (or the first day of the week).  The log will be collected weekly. Students will be discussing and/or writing about their weekly reading in school. Please allow your child to complete the log by themselves as we are trying to increase students’ independence.  If your child does not bring home a reading log, you can print a copy from the attached link at the top of this page.


    O   Word Study words will be sent home at the end of each week. Please keep these sheets as students will be expected to continually study these words in order to integrate them into their reading and writing.


    O   Math practice pages will be sent home. These are to be used as a resource for extra practice and may be kept at home.  Our math program is challenging.  Most students will not be able to complete all of the worksheets in class.  Several questions require higher level thinking which is challenging and difficult for most students.  The program does not intend for all students to finish every problem.  It is differentiated by student ability.  If a student does not finish his/her work in class it will be sent home as practice or enrichment and does not need to be returned unless the student has a question.


    O   Throughout the year, students will also be given resources including math vocabulary words and study guides which they may study and keep at home.
    O   Work that is completed in class will be sent home in your child's take-home folder.  This work will either have markings by the teacher or has been checked as a whole class (this might not have teacher markings).  If your child brings home work that is not completed, this might have been by accident.  Work that is not completed should stay in school until it is checked by the teacher or as a class.  If your child does bring home unfinished work, please send it back in their falcon folder or ask them about the specific piece of work.
     O   Please check your child’s take-home folder daily for notices and resources.