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     Dear Third Grade Friend,

    I’m so excited to have you in third grade this year! We are going to learn so much and have a lot of fun together in third grade.  

     I am very excited about being your third grade teacher! I have been busy planning lessons and getting our classroom ready for you! You are going to love all of the fun things we will do in your new classroom.  I purchased some new books this summer for our classroom library. In September, we will look through the new selections together and pick some books you would like to put into your reading bag to start the school year. I also got some new and exciting items for STEM experiments and other fun activities that I think you will really like!


    When I was in third grade I had so many favorite subjects.  I loved to read and write stories, discover new facts, and do experiments.  I cannot wait to find out what subjects will be your favorites, as a third grader!


    Your first task as a third grader is to create "A Get to Know Me Bag" to bring in on the first day of school. You will choose 4-5 items to bring in to school in a bag so all your classmates and I can learn new cool facts about you. 

    Some ideas would be:

    • A picture of something, someplace, or someone you love

    • Something you like to do

    • Your favorite food

    • What you want to be when you grow up

    • A favorite vacation spot

    • Something you are good at

    • A favorite book

    You can use real objects, photos, clip art, magazine cut-outs, etc. Be creative.

    Please bring your “Get to Know Me Bag” in on the first day of school. We’ll share them during the first two days of school.

    We are going to have another great year as we learn and grow together. I can’t wait to see you on the first day of school! 

    Hope you are having a great summer!

     All Good Things,

    Mrs. DeLuca 

    PS: Don’t forget to bring your best behavior and a smile!