• My Teaching Philosophy
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    The students in my class are my first priority.  At all times I will respect and value them, and expect them to do the same towards other staff members and myself.  I am dedicated to creating a classroom community where students feel comfortable, safe and able to express themselves.  I aim to challenge my students and encourage them to put forth their best effort.  I want all students to respect the values of others, even if they are different from their own.  Our individual differences should be what make our time together interesting, not controversial. 
    I value integrity, responsibility and hard work.  I will come to school each morning striving to be the best teacher that I can be and expect my students to strive to do their best.  At all times, I will do my best to create an effective learning environment for my students. 

    I believe in an equal and fair education for all students.  I will hold all students accountable for their work and continue to "raise the bar" in order to challenge them.  I believe in academic fairness and freedom.  I value an open discussion policy.  My students should feel free to discuss new ideas and/or problems with me. 

    I encourage communication between staff members, the administration and parents.  With the students' best interest as our primary goal, we can succeed together!
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