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    Ms. Fletcher's Summer Blog
    Hello everyone!  My son, Nicholas, and I have been having a terrific summer!  Hope you are too!  Nick enjoyed his trip to Chuck E. Cheese and the water park.  It's hard to believe that July is almost over. 
    Love, Ms. Fletcher
    Nick Chuck E. Cheese Nick Water Park 


    Nick GA Nick fire hat

    Nicholas and I also went to Great Adventure this week and met some of the characters and rode on so many rides!!!  We also went to National Night Out at Thompson Park and saw some of our Mill Lake friends.  Nicholas really liked climbing in the fire truck and trying on the fireman's hat.

    Jess Jaden us

    We also spent some time with Ms. Gorelick (who used to work at Mill Lake) and her new baby, Jaden.  Hope you are having a fun-filled summer too!
    Love,  Ms. Fletcher

    Hope you are all having a great summer.