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    Ms. Fletcher's Summer Blog
    June 30th - I bought Nicholas a pool today and he had a great time "swimmng" in it!  His favorite part was standing up and falling down in the water and splashing his mommy!  We're enjoying the summer weather and hope you all are too!  Love, Ms. Fletcher
    Nicky in pool
    July 20th - Nicholas and I went to the beach on Friday.  He loved the ocean!  Nick also liked playing in the sand.  It's been so hot lately.  Hope you all are staying cool and drinking lots of water! 
    My play rehearsals are lots of fun.  The show is August 7-10 at Monroe Township High School if you'd like to come.  Mrs. DeLuca is coming one night and we'd love to see you!  Love, Ms. Fletcher
    Nicky beach
    Hello All!  Nicholas and I have been very busy!  He was the ring bearer in Miss Barbetti's wedding on July 26th.  Nick did a good job walking down the aisle sporting his tux.  I've been busy with my show - Godspell, which opens tomorrow night.  Maybe you've seen the signs for the show around town.  I'm going to include a picture of Nick in his tux and a picture of the cast of Godspell.  I'm the second one from the left in the first row.  I'm wearing a white dress.  I, too, would love to hear from you.  Send Mrs. DeLuca and I emails.  My email address is MFletche@Monroe.k12.nj.us   Hope the summer is treating you perfectly!
    Love, Ms. Fletcher
    Godspell Cast Nick wedding

    Hope you are all having a great summer.