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    Your child will eat lunch and have recess from 11:18-12:03.  If your child is planning to buy lunch, please place the money in a sealed envelope labeled with your child's name, teacher's name, and what he/she will be purchasing. 
    **Mill Lake has started an Electronic Lunch program, in which parents can put money into their electronic account.  This helps the lunch lines move much quicker and provides the students more time to eat their lunches.  If you wish to participate, please check it out on the Mill Lake Webpage for information.  There will also be information sent home about this in the beginning of the school year!  Although this is not mandatory, I highly recommend it!
    Lunch Menu's are sent home at the beginning of each month.  The pricing for lunch is located on the top of the lunch menu.  This can help you in determining how much money to write a check out for if you choose to participate in the electronic lunch!  All money that is not used in a given month, will roll over into the next month!  When your childs' account is getting low, the lunch staff will send your child home with a notice!  
    If you have any questions during the school year regarding your child's account, please contact the cafeteria directly.  Thanks!
    **If you choose to send in money for your child's account, please be sure that it's in a sealed envelope labeled with your child's name and "lunch account" so that I know to send it to
    the office.