Homework is a way for students to further practice the skills that they have learned in school on that given day.  I do assign homework everyday, except on Fridays!  Your child's homework should not take them more than 10-15 minutes each night. 
    Your child's homework will be in their "Homework Folder" each night.  Please be sure to check over your child's homework and "help" them if needed.  Homework allows me to see who may or may not need extra help with a specific skill, so please do not provide answers for their homework.  Their homework is not graded on answers correct or incorrect, but graded on whether or not they have handed the homework assignment in.  Thank you for your cooperation.
    Students will read their independent leveled books (4-5 depending on length) in their "book bags" each night for homework.  This is one of the most important homework assignments.   
    **Depending on students' pre-assessments and how they are doing that day in a specific subject, will determine the type of homework they will receive.  I do differentiate homework accordingly. 
    This will not start until some time in October after I have finished pre-assessing all of the students!
    *Your child's homework in the beginning of the year may seem a bit easy, as I will not finish
    pre-assessing students until some time in October.  Once I am finished pre-assessing each of them, I will begin to differentiate homework based on their individual needs.  A lot of the work assigned in the beginning of the school year will be review from kindergarten.