• Celebrations!
    Throughout the school year, I work on teaching the students the importance of working together as a team. 
    First, the class chooses as a whole, what they would like to earn.
    When the class works/behaves together as a team, they are rewarded by receiving 1 letter to spell the word "Celebration!"
    Once the class spells out "Celebration," they will earn whatever they are working for!
    Teamwork Points!
    At the end of Math and Reader's Workshop/Guided Reading, individual groups/teams can earn a point for behaving, listening to and following directions, shooting for the stars, and being a team player.
    Only 1 group/team in Math and 1 group/team in Reader's Workshop can earn a point.  The group/team that earns 10 points first, gets a special prize or lunch with the teacher.