• "Reader's Workshop" Comprehension Strategies
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    Comprehension is a really important part of reading.  If a child comprehends a story, it means they understand what they are reading.  A child may be able to read a book, but what's more important, is whether or not they are comprehending what they are reading.  Comprehending a story and reading a story are two different things.  During the year, I will be teaching your son/daughter many comprehension strategies to help them understand what they are reading.  The best way to build comprehension, is to repeatedly ask questions during each reading to see whether or not they are truly understanding the story.  Asking them questions, which allows them to think about the story, is a great way to practice this skill!  To help build your son/daughter's comprehension skills, I provided a list of strategies below. 
    *Some things to ask your son/daughter when reading...
    1.  Can you tell me what you just read on this page?
    2.  What was this story about?
    3.  Compare/contrast questions (usually characters in a story)
    4.  How did this character feel when...?
    5.  What was the setting of the story?
    6.  Who were the characters in the story?
    7.  Is this story fiction or non-fiction? How do you know?
    8.  What is the main idea of this story?
    9.  Predict what is going to happen next. How do you know?
    *Also...prior to reading a story, encourage your son/daughter to predict what the story will be about, using the title of the book and the pictures on the front cover.  Predicting is a very important strategy!
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