• "Reader's Toolbox!"
    Your son/daughter will be learning several reading strategies to help them read difficult words that they may come across in a text.  These reading strategies are so important to your son/daughter's reading progress.  Please help to remind your son/daughter to use these reading strategies when they come across word/words that may be difficult.  Please do not tell them the word if asked, rather ask them to use their reading strategies first!
    * Sounding out the word (stretch the word apart so you can sound out each letter)
    *Get your mouth ready with the beginning letter sound.
    * Sounding out the vowels in each word (Try reading the word with a short vowel sound and then a long vowel sound...see which one sounds best)
    *Use the pictures to help you figure out a word.
    * Chunking (looking for "chunks" of words within in a   word)  Example: Sit (it)
    * Skipping the word and reading on, then going back to figure out what the word might be.  Students are to make a good guess based on the beginning letter and the ending letter of the difficult word. I often ask them "does it look like it can be that word?"
    *Looking at the caboose (end of a word).  Example: -ack, -it, -ing, etc.)
    *Looking for blends in a word.  Blends are 2 letters that make one sound.  Example: Thing, fish, chimp, etc.