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    Levels of Behavior
    Within the first few days of school, we will uncover Marvin Marshall's Levels of Behavior. The levels include : Anarchy (A), Bullying/Bossing (B), Cooperation (C), and Democracy (D). The levels are taught through children's literature. Students who demonstrate levels C and D will be praised and rewarded with a red ticket. We begin with extrinsic rewards and move towards intrinsic rewards as we move through the school year. To foster teamwork, students will receive balls in their class bucket when the class displays level C and D behavior.
    Ball Bucket
    At the beginning of the year, we share the story "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" The principle of this story is to teach the students that we all have an internal "bucket" that can be filled, or spilled depending how we treat each other. When students show kindness and compassion towards each other, their behaviors will be emphasized and shared with the class. Once the class bucket is filled, the students will get to vote on their rewards  
    There is a link to the story below.