How does the program work?

    Starting on October 13th, 2015 your child will have an opportunity to participate in our class Reading Goal Program.  The program lasts for 25 weeks and if your child can complete at least 22 Reading Goals there will be a SPECIAL PRIZE at the end.


    What is a Reading Goal?

    A Reading Goal is a miniature book report.  Each week your child should read or listen to a book of their choice at home and complete the given activity for that week.


    When do you give out the Goals?

    Reading Goals for the week are given out on Monday - they are due by Friday. 


    How do you keep track of who did their Goals?

    Each week a sticker will be put on our Reading Goal Chart for the students who completed their reports.  If the class completes a total of 80 Goals in a month - we will have a monthly class reward. 


    What if my child forgets their reading Goal at home?

    I will accept late Reading Goals until the following Monday.  Please make it your child's responsibility to place their Goal into their folder on a Thursday night.


    How can I help my child?

    When completing the Goal, allow your children to do a "rough copy" on his/her own. I suggest completing one sentence each night so that it is not a burden on a Thursday evening. This will also allow your child to value the process of writing not the product.  Let your child get "their thoughts out on paper." (Another great suggestion is to use a white board for the rough draft.) Next, you can sit with your child and discuss "grown up spelling", mechanics and punctuation.  If your child makes a spelling error on the Reading Goal, it is not a problem at all!!!  If it is hard to understand, you can simply write the "grown up spelling" on top of the incorrect word.  The Reading Goal is meant to reflect your child's own efforts.  I love to see how they will improve throughout the year!