•  Reading Tips for Parents
    Reading can be a fun and enriching experience that you can share with your child every day. The following are some quick tips that may help make reading together more enjoyable and will instill a life-long love of reading.
     Provide opportunities for reading every day- comic books, computers, directions, menus, street signs, license plates etc.

     Always make sure that the books you select are appropriate for your child's reading ability.

     Whether reading to your child or listening to them, always make time to discuss the book. Ask questions that check comprehension, call on past experiences and involve making inferences and drawing conclusions. Let them know that their opinions count.

     When helping your child identify unknown words follow three simple steps. Does it sound right? Does it look right? Does it make sense?

     Teach your child that reading aloud should sound like talking. If it sounds like something doesn't make sense to them ,they are on their way to self- correction ;a powerful strategy for successful readers.

     Share your thoughts and reading preferences with your child. Let them know that reading provides information as well as enjoyment to adults too.

    Most importantly, have fun. Your child may not remember all the books you read together, but they will remember the shared time forever.