• Strategies for helping your child with reading at home
    1. Before reading have your child make predictions about the story. 
    Also, take time to do a book walk and look at the pictures.
    2. When your child comes to an unknown word have them practice the strategies we use at school. 
    They can "skip and check"
     Skipping the word and reading on, then going back to figure out what the word might be.  Students are to make a good guess based on the beginning letter and the ending letter of the difficult word. 
    Try "Chunking"the word
    looking for "chunks" of words within in a   word  Example: word family endings
    at, it, up, ip, op, ump, ack, ick etc.
    Looking for blends in a word.  Blends are 2 letters that make one sound
    Example: th, sh, wh, ch etc.
    Remember to ask your child-"Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense in our story?"