ABC fun for your Kindergarten Child...
    Playdough fun: make letters using playdough. Use letter stamps and create letters.
    Sand art: Trace letters in a homemade sand box. Use a shoebox lid and pour a thin layer of sand. Have your child write letters!
    Make sand letters using glue and colored paper. "write" a letter using glue and sprinkle sand over it. When it dries your child can practice tracing the letter.
    Games: I spy: choose a letter and spy something that begins with that letter. Ask your child, " I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter "b". Let your child guess until he/she gets the answer.
    Cereal Showdown: Cut out the names of your child's favorite cereals from the front of the boxes. Put the cereal names into a pile. Name a letter and have your child find a cereal title that has the letter in it.
    Alphabets Cereal: A yummy cereal to find letters and eat! You can also use the cereal to create great letter arts and crafts projects!
    Magnetic Letters: Place uppercase and lowercase letters on your fridge and the possibilities are endless!
    Shaving Cream writing: Spray shaving cream on a table or use foaming soap in the bathtub. Practice writing and identifying letters.
    Collages: Use magazines and have your child cut out different letters to create a letter collage...make an ABC book!