• Applegarth Elementary School
    Grading Policy: 4th & 5th Grade

     Overall Grading Percentages

    90%-100% A- Very Good Progress

    80%-89% B- Good Progress

    70%-79% C- Satisfactory Progress

    60%-69% D- Minimal Progress

    Below 60% F- Unsatisfactory Progress


    Phys. Ed. Grading Percentage


    1. Participation-50% How well are you understanding and demonstrating the concepts of the particular unit.


    1. Sportsmanship-25% Show respect to teammates, opponents, officials, equipment, and rules.


    1. Effort-15% Practice and play to the best of your ability, at all times.


    1. Quizzes-10%- Demonstrate basic knowledge about various sports and activities.
    Special Note: Each time your child comes to Gym, they are getting a daily grade. (10 pts.)  If a student fails to wear the appropriate attire (sneakers), they will be given a written assignment that will be graded.  The written assignment grade will account for 50% of their daily participation grade for that day.