• Why is community service required?

    The Honor Society is not about recognizing ONLY academic achievements.  This organization was founded to honor students who achieve in a wide range of areas that we as a school community value.  Additionally, the MTHS National Honor Society requires community service; as such, we are trying to prepare students for the expectations of that organization.

    How many hours of community service are required for membership?

    Students are required to demonstrate 10 hours of service when applying for membership in the Honor Society.  Those who are accepted into the Honor Society are required to complete an additional 5 hours before the end of their 8th garde year.

    When do service hours need to be completed?

    Service hours need to be earned between the summer before seventh grade and the fall of the eighth grade year.  Exact dates will be included in invitation letters sent to students eligible for membership.

    How is service proven?

    We do not require any specific form from an agency for which you served.  We ask that they write a letter on letterhead or sign a brochure or pamphlet, indicating the date and hours served.  We do not want to put an unnecessary burden on already overworked organizations.  Please note that for any service a student completed, THE STUDENT is asked to complete a COMMUNITY SERVICE REFLECTION FORM.  This form should accompany the letter or signed certificate from the organization you worked for.

    Where can I volunteer?

    The options are wide open, and limited really by the parent(s)' ability to get the child to the opportunity.  A list of the organizations that MTMS students have volunteered with in the past is listed at the bottom of this page.  There are not the ONLY organizations you can work with, but are suggestions.

    Does service out-of-state count?

    Absolutely.  Service is service--it is not limited to New Jersey.

    Does participation in a 5K count?

    If you ran/walked as a particpant in a charity 5K, this will count as 1 hour service. If you helped to set up, clean up, etc, please ask the organization to indicate the number of hours you helped.

    Does babysitting count?

    Any work you complete for which you are paid does NOT count.  It is the responsibility of the student to submit sincere efforts to make the community better in a volunteer capacity.


    SAMPLE ORGANIZATIONS that Monroe Students have Served:

    Monroe Township, Jameburg, and Hightstown Libraries

    Om Foundation

    Houses of Worship

    Local Doctor Offices

    Parker (Piscataway)

    Special Olympics

    RISE (Hightstown)

    Monroe Special Sports

    Goddard School

    Kings & Queens Chess Academy

    Monroe School PTA/PTOs (Assisting at Variety Shows, school plays, etc.)

    Jersey Cares

    Boy/Girl Scouts (meetings do not count, but projects for the community do)

    Hands of Hope for the Community

    Reeves-Reed Arboretum

    The Chelsea at Forsgate

    Brookdale Monroe Senior Living Solutions

    All American Pet Resort

    Monroe Sports Programs (Soccer, Baseball--if volunteering, working with younger athletes.  Does NOT count for your own practices/games)

    Jamesburg Presbyterian Church Food Pantry

    Monroe Animal Hospital

    Kiddie Corral

    Center for Food Action

    Eye Level Learning Center & Kumon (not as a student, but as a volunteer assistant)