Dear Parent/Guardian,


    Monroe Township High School participates in a computerized concussion test.  This program will assist our team physicians/athletic trainers in evaluating and treating head injuries (e.g., concussion).  In order to better manage concussions sustained by our student-athletes, we have acquired a software tool called ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing).  ImPACT is a computerized exam utilized in many professional, collegiate, and high school sports programs across the country to successfully diagnose and manage concussions.  If an athlete is believed to have suffered a head injury during competition, ImPACT is used to help determine the severity of head injury and when the injury has fully healed.   


    The computerized exam is given to athletes before beginning sport practice or competition.  Any athlete who does not have a valid test MUST take the test prior to the start of the season.  This non-invasive test is set up in “video-game” type format and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.  It is simple, and actually many athletes enjoy the challenge of taking the test. Essentially, the ImPACT test is a preseason physical of the brain.  It tracks information such as memory, reaction time, speed, and concentration.  It, however, is not an IQ test.


    If a concussion is suspected, the athlete will be required to re-take the test.  Both the preseason and post-injury test data is given to a local doctor, to help evaluate the injury.  The information gathered can also be shared with your family doctor.  The test data will enable these health professionals to determine when return-to-play is appropriate and safe for the injured athlete.  If an injury of this nature occurs to your child, you will be promptly contacted with all the details.


    I want to stress that the ImPACT testing procedures are non-invasive, and they pose no risks to your student-athlete.  We are excited to implement this program given that it provides us the best available information for managing concussions and preventing potential brain damage that can occur with multiple concussions. The Monroe Township Athletic Training Staff is striving to keep your child’s health and safety at the forefront of the student athletic experience. 


    In order to better serve our athletes, the directions to take this test are as follows.

     (If you have a computer with an external mouse it is highly recommended that you use it for the exam rather than a track pad. The athlete must be monitored by an adult while taking the test to make sure a proper test atmosphere is achieved.) There should be no distractions while taking this test (cell phones, TV, and no talking)


    1. Access the ImPACT test via the email that you registered with on FAMILYID
    2. Click the instructions link and watch the video prior to taking the test
    3. Once you have watched the video, access your unique customer code by clicking on the test URL in your email
    4. Click “Validate” and begin test


    Your child may need some help getting through the demographic area.  Once the test begins your child will be able to self-administer the exam. All results are completely confidential and unable to be viewed by anyone other than the Certified Athletic Trainers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.




    Nathan Cogdill ATC              ncogdill@monroe.k12.nj.us       (732)521-2882 x6057

    Lauren McElroy ATC        Lauren.McElroy@monroe.k12.nj.us    (732)521-2882 x6057