• Third Grade
    Marking Period 1:
    In reading we are learning about non-fiction text. We are paying attention to the textual features such as titles, sub-titles, bold words, organization of text, etc. Non-fiction texts is full of factual information. What's the difference between fact and opinion?
    Polar bears are cute! This is an opinion because it's a personal feeling.
    Polar bears live in cold climates. This is a fact because they do!!
    Also, we are reaching the stars by logging on to RAZ-Kids. We are increasing our independent reading fluency by reading stories at our own personal level. Our reading levels are certainly going to shoot into orbit as we read and are tested on our comprehension and earn those star points so we can build our rocket ships! Please log onto www.Raz-kids.com and use the log in information I taped to the inside cover of your child's homework pad.
    We are also writing our feature articles! We are using the five steps of the writing process to write our expository articles.
    1. Brainstorm and pick a topic that really interests you.
    2. Research (take notes) and pre-write/draft
    3. Revise by adding details and choose smart vocabulary
    4. Proofread and edit (check that spelling and punctuation/ use the thumb/pinky trick)
    5. Publish and share!
    So we are working hard!!
    Don't forget to check out what's happening with our Wilson Reading Program on top of all this. Phew!