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    In Wilson Reading we are learning various phonological skills and content. 
    Syllable Type 1
    In steps 1, 2 and 3, we have learned about the closed syllable. 
    Here are some basic facts about  closed syllable words and sounds:
    • They have only one vowel.
    • The vowel has to be closed in by a consonant after it (it, slip...).
    • The vowels make the short sound.
    • We tap each sound individually.
    • There are welded sounds (-all, -an, -all, -ang, -ank,-ing,-ink,-ong,-onk,-ung,-unk). 
    • Welded sounds get a two finger tap because they make more than one sound, but they are never ever separated. 
    • Then there is the exception to the closed syllable  (-ind, -ild,-old,-olt, -ost). These welded sounds break the rule and make the long vowel sound.
    You can combine closed syllables to make multi-syllabic words:
    whip-lash = whiplash    (it's a compound word)
    sub-mit  = submit
    con-tact = contact