AVID Tutorology 

    AVID tutors facilitate student access to rigorous curriculum in student courses. They come in to AVID elective classes and help students in small groups problem-solve questions that they may have about their coursework using a variety of AVID-based strategies.
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    Qualifications of an AVID tutor:
    • Knowledge of Best practices, differentiation and 21st Century learning.
    • Strong technology integration background.
    • Strategies and ideas to improve learning.
    • Promote high standards and expectations.
    • College level students or recent graduates preferred with experience in education classes.
    Responsibilities of an AVID tutor: 
    • AVID tutors will work with the AVID elective teachers to facilitate small student groups in the tutorology sessions of the AVID program. AVID strategies are required and will be provided to the tutors to use.
    Useful Links

    Current College Tutors

    Ashley Borsuk
    Sarah Mychalchyk

    Current Senior Option Student Tutors 

    Amber Hatter
    Amber is a tutor in the AVID program. She has been a student in AVID for 6 years. She believes that AVID is a very beneficial program because it provides students with organizational and note-taking skills and helps students prepare for college and life beyond middle and high school overall. She chose to be a tutor because she wants to be a role model for AVID students to look up to and she wants to help students grow academically and personally. Outside of school, Amber enjoys reading and also working at Bovine Burgers. In the future, Amber plans to major in pre-med in college. 

    Vanessa Smeraglia

    Vanessa is a tutor for the AVID program. She became an AVID tutor because she wants to be able to help kids and teach them ways she was taught in the AVID program. Vanessa believes there are many strengths to the AVID program, which include improving your organizational skills, learning how to take notes in a more efficient way, creating a close bond with people, and, most importantly, preparing for college early. Outside of school, she is a part of the Red Cross Club for the school and currently also works at SpringPoint Community Center. Vanessa also enjoys reading and going to the park. Her future plans are to attend Hunter College and major in Nursing.

    Amaya Ortiz
    Amaya is a tutor in the AVID program. She believes the AVID program helps support and encourage students to be well prepared for college to ensure a better future. The program has taught her many strengths such as organization, college preparation, public speaking skills, and has allowed her to gain close friendships with a group of people. Amaya became a tutor to be a role model for other kids in the AVID program and encourage them to do well in and out of school. Outside of school, Amaya participates in Track & Field, works as a waitress at Monroe Village, and babysits. After high school, Amaya plans to attend West Virginia University and major in behavioral sciences.