Welcome to Grade 4 Science



    Topics we will learn this year:  
    • Earth's layers
    • Earth's history of rocks and minerals 
    • Soil
    • Human Body Systems
    • Weather
    • Earth's cycles
    • Matter
    • Motion
    • Light 
    • Heat
    • Electricity
    • Magnetism


                       The Scientific Method
                                                             Think Like a Scientist!
    Ask Questions
    Ask yourself "What do I want to learn more about?" or
    "I wonder what might happen if...?"
    Gather Information
    Research information to help you better understand your science topic.
    Make a Hypothesis
    Make a hypothesis, or educated guess, that you think answers your question.
    Conduct an Experiment
    Plan a procedure and follow the steps to test your hypothesis.
    Observe & Record Results
    Make observations, reflect on your results, and draw conclusions.
    Share Results
    Communicate your results by presenting your experiment, observations, and conclusions.