• What will your child be learning this year in Spanish?
    •Strategies Unit
    –Identify various modes in which language is used
    –Apply strategies to optimize proficiency
    –Practice and apply communication strategies
    –Utilize strategies to present detailed information about oneself

    –Define advantages of bilingualism
    –Evaluate contributions, legacy,  and impact of Latin/Hispanic culture of the U.S.
    –Research and conduct dialogues/interviews with Latin American figures
    •Education in Latin America
    –Label and identify class and school objects.
    –Identify and apply concept of agreement with article, noun, and adjective
    –Compare and contrast U.S. schools and curriculum to schools in Latin America and Spain
    –Describe and interpret directions
    –Request and interpret directions in travel
    •Food & Culture
    –Apply pronouns to conjugate –ar verbs in the present tense
    –Explore foods and related vocabulary
    –Compare and contrast American foods and food customs to those of Latin America and Spain