Hello ! Welcome to Mr. Ciarlariello's Instrumental Music Page!
    Music Notes and Waves
    Instrumental Music Lessons are starting soon!
    You will be invited to your respective Google Classroom shortly. Please make sure you accept the invitation when you receive it. Your lesson schedule will be posted within your Google Classroom.
    Advanced lessons will begin the week of September 21st.
    Beginning lessons will begin the week of September 28th. 
    Lessons will be slightly different this year. Instrumental Music students will have a 25 minute small group lesson once per week. Lessons will always be on the same day, but will rotate so students do not always miss the same class. Occasionally, students will have their lesson before school (Zero Period), during the morning session, or during the latter part of the afternoon break. Please be sure you attend your lesson at your scheduled time!

    Information for Beginning Instrumental Music was sent out from the Applegarth email system. Please see the registration page for more information.

    If you completed Beginning Band at Applegarth last year, you are automatically enrolled in Advanced Instrumental Music for this year. If you returned your instrument, make sure that you re-rent soon so that you are ready when we begin. Keep working on your summer practice assignments!
    If you completed Beginning Band and do not wish to participate in, please email me so they can be removed from the course.
    Don't forget that you can practice your note reading using the resources listed.
    Have you practiced today?
    Practice is essential! Students should be practicing for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each day. Practice develops muscles in the face (embouchure), and muscle memory in the hands, fingers, and brain. Practice also allows students to become critical thinkers and listeners. Without practice, musical growth becomes impossible as it requires repetition and the development of specialized skills.
    What are we going to learn this year?
    This year, each student will work to:
    1. Develop an appreciation for music.
    2. Understand that music is all around us.
    3. Read and play the notes on the staff using accurate rhythms.
    4. Play instruments with good posture, hand position, and breathing.
    5. Properly clean and take care of instruments.
    6. Identify and demonstrate elements of good performance etiquette.
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