Hello ! Welcome to Mr. Ciarlariello's Band Room!
    Music Notes and Waves
    Lessons and Zero Period will still occur during testing!
    *This is for Advanced Band students ONLY*
    Spring Concert (featuring both Advanced Band and Beginning Band):
    Evening Concert: Thursday, May 30, 2019, 7PM at the Monroe Township High School Performing Arts Center (Concert Attire) 
    Have you practiced today?
    Practice is essential! Students should be practicing for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each day. Practice develops muscle memory in the mouth, hands, fingers, and brain. Practice also allows students to become critical thinkers and listeners. Without practice, musical growth becomes impossible as it requires repetition and the development of specialized skills.
    What are we going to learn this year?
    This year, each student will work to:
    1. Develop an appreciation for music.
    2. Understand that music is all around us.
    3. Read and play the notes on the staff with accurate rhythms.
    4. Play instruments with good posture, hand position, and breathing.
    5. Properly clean and take care of instruments.
    6. Identify and demonstrate elements of good performance etiquette.
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