I created a Google Classroom for Accelerated Math.  Join code: ton4wqt

    Assignments will still be posted here on the class page as well.


    There will not be any more Warm Up assignments. (I know most of you are secretly cheering!)  There are still assignments posted daily - if you need help finding them, please email me.


    New lessons will start after break on Tuesday 4/14/20.  There will be a new format, more closely resembling how we used to do lessons in the school buildings.  All materials can still be found under "Remote Learning."



    Thanks to all the students who participated in our Quizlet Live sessions today!  I hope you enjoyed it as a change of pace.

    Tomorrow (Friday 4/3) will be the last lesson in the Data Analysis unit.  Use spring break to catch up on any assignments you have missed so far.  After spring break we will start an introduction to Algebra unit!

    I have read all of your feedback on the form the other day (Day 10).  Thank you for your kind words, I miss you guys, too!!  A handful of you requested a Google Classroom, but as of this time I will NOT be creating one.  Everyone is into a routine now, and I do not want to change it up.  Some of you wanted the opportunity to discuss the math with your classmates.  Perhaps you would be allowed to start a comment thread on your homeroom's Google Classroom about accelerated math work.  Or, you could reach out to your classmates or friends in accelerated math on personal platforms with your parents' permission (Google chats, texting, emails, etc.).

    So, everything will remain the same.  I will continue to post daily assignments on my class page here and try to find ways to make it engaging and keep you guys learning!  Remember, I am always just an email away!


    Ms. Galazin



    Make sure you choose "View Score" after you submit your daily Google form responses so that you can see which questions you got correct and which ones you might need to review. 


    Ms. Galazin


    Any sentence response you enter on a "short response" question will not be marked correct due to the varying ways students may write their sentences.  Once you submit your form, you may choose one of the options to view missed questions or review your responses.  There, you will see my "correct" answers.  As long as your answers are close to mine, you are fine.  I can read all of your original answers to see them.


    Secondly, I do not include units in my answers. Therefore, if you type a label or units on your answers, it will be marked "wrong."  Answers need to match the key exactly in order for them to be marked correct.  If you put an extra "space" after your number by mistake, that will also mess with the key.


    None of the Google submissions that correspond to the notes will be graded for accuracy.  As long as you complete each assignment, you are getting credit (exacly like how I grade your normal homework assignments).  If you are getting many questions wrong because you do not understand the math, please reach out to me.  I am also monitoring your submissions and will reach out to you if I see lots of errors.


    I hope this helps put some of your worries at ease.  If you need to email me, please do not use your name@students.monroe.k12.nj.us account, because it seems that my replies back to you are not being received.  Please use a different email address or your parents' email address to email me.


    Thank you!

    Ms. Galazin



    There will be a quiz on Study Island - it will be open to start on Wed 3/25 and it will be closed at the end of Friday 3/27.  

    The quiz will be on the topics in the notes from Day 1 – Day 6, which includes: identifying statistical questions, reading dot plots, reading histograms (Day 5) shape of a graph (skewed or symmetric – Day 6).  Technically since you are taking the quiz at home, it’s “open book.”  Feel free to use your notes or look anything up before submitting your final answers.


    Ms. Galazin



    Daily assignments will be posted at 8am.  Complete at any time during the day.


    I will miss seeing your faces every day, but I'm just an email away if you need anything or just want to say hi :)


    Ms. Galazin



    A "Remote Learning" tab has been added to my page on the left-hand side bar.  Click on the tab to see the current assignments.  Click on each assignment to get the details, instructions, notes, links, and submission forms.

    New assignments will be posted daily.  Please email me with any questions.  mgalazin@monroe.k12.nj.us


    Ms. Galazin



    Good afternoon,


    All learning materials for 5th grade accelerated math will be posted on my district class page on Monday morning, March 16th.


    The students will be continuing with their daily warm ups (spiral review) as well as learning new material.  Notes and videos will be posted for each day’s lesson.  Students will be held accountable for their learning by submitting answers to the Google form questions that correspond to each day’s notes.  These will be “completion grades.”  In other words, students’ grades will not be penalized for incorrect answers, however, they should reach out to me if they do not understand the material or have questions.  In addition, Study Island assignments will be posted – students are to use their “am” accounts to access accelerated math material.


    The lessons I have planned only require that the students have internet access, lined paper, and a pencil.  Nothing needs to be printed out, and no textbooks will be utilized.


    I will be available during school hours each day, Monday through Friday.  Email is the best way to reach me.  mgalazin@monroe.k12.nj.us


    Thank you.

    Ms. Galazin





    Ms. Galazin's


    5th Grade Accelerated Math Page




    Homework assignments are posted daily - click the link on the lefthand sidebar.

    Click on the actual homework assignment to see details - including the daily presentation.  This is a great resource if you are absent or just want to review the classwork from the day!

     Back to School Night Presentation

    Accelerated Math FAQ


    Want more practice with a certain topic?  I strongly recommend utilizing Study Island.  Not only does it promote a fun way to practice with its games, but it also has lessons and video tutorials built in.  Over the years I have noticed a difference in students who use Study Island vs. students who do not.  It really works to help build a strong foundation!

    study island logo  

    *Middle school access:

    Username: am_ _ _ _ _ _ (lunch code)

    Password: am123456


    Check back frequently for updates and announcements!

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