•  ***UPDATED NOVEMBER 25, 2020***

    Please note that we are in the process of reviewing records for all grade 8 students.  This includes examining report card grades from marking periods 1, 2, 3 of grade 7 as well as marking period 1 for grade 8.  After the review is done, students who have met the minimum academic guidelines (see below) will be mailed an application for the honor society.  We estimate that these applications will be mailed prior to winter recess.

    STUDENTS WILL NEED TO MAINTAIN ACADEMIC STANDARDS IN MARKING PERIOD 2.  Students who submit a completed application, continue to maintain academic standards in MP2, and have no serious disciplinary issues while in middle school will be offered membership.  This offer will be extended during marking period 3, after MP2 grades are finalized and reviewed.



    1. No grade lower than 88 in any class, any marking period during grade 7 marking periods 1, 2, 3 or grade 8 marking period 1.

    2. Students in algebra and geometry must earn an 80 or above.

    3. Community service requirements are waived for grade 8 students.


    Here are some fundamental guidelines:

    1. Membership in the MTMS Honor Society is limited to 8th graders.

    2. Applications will be mailed to students who meet minimum academic standards AFTER the conclusion of the 1st marking period of grade 8.  Academic standards must be fulfilled for grade 7 as well as MP1 of grade 8 in order to receive an application.

    3. Students will be required to fulfill continued academic standards through the end of the 2rd marking period before being offered full membership.

    4.***Due to social distancing requirements during this time, students will NOT be required to complete community service in order to be offered membership.**



    Advisor Name: Mrs. Christy Viszoki