• We have updated our bylaws including information for our current school year. 
    You can view them here: MTMS Junior Honor Society Bylaws

    Invitations have already been sent out based on the eligibility criteria listed in the Bylaws document. For eligibility in the 2021-2022 school year only, we have waived the service requirements and specified the academic criteria only looks at first marking period of 8th grade. The application window for eligible students will be from January 17-21, 2022 and materials will be sent out to invited students.


    1. Students must have earned a cumulative average of a 90 during MP1 of 8th grade.

    2. Students must maintain an 85% or above in each individual class (and 80% in Algebra and Geometry).

    3. Community service requirements are waived for grade 8 students. In lieu of this, we will have service proposals on how they plan to improve the communities of MTMS and Monroe Township.


    Here are some fundamental guidelines:

    1. Membership in the MTMS Honor Society is limited to 8th graders.

    2. Applications will be mailed to students who meet minimum academic standards AFTER the conclusion of the 1st marking period of grade 8.

    3. Students will be required to fulfill continued academic standards through the end of the 2nd marking period before being offered full membership.

    4.***Due to social distancing requirements during this time, students will NOT be required to complete community service in order to be offered membership.***



    Advisors: Ms. Christine DiBiase & Mr. Sam Schneider