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    Superintendent’s Message

       We are so proud about the progress we are making in the district. We can proudly say that our student achievement data is improving in key areas. Our staff has worked very hard to close achievement gaps, and we believe we are well on our way to leveling the playing field for all students. Of course, there is plenty of room for improvement. But we have made great strides due to the hard work of our dedicated staff.
       At its Summer 2013 Retreat, the Board developed its goals for the 2013-2014 school year. They are
    District Goals 2013-2014
    Goal 1: To adopt the strategic plan and implement the goals articulated in the plan over the 2013-2014 school year;
    Goal 2: Review, evaluate and assess current programs and structures; Identify and develop a schedule for review; for the coming year the focus area will be extra and co-curricular programming; and
    Goal 3: Develop a budget philosophy, parameters and framework for developing the 2014-2015 budget.
       We are very excited about our new goals; particularly the implementation of our Strategic Planning Process. This process will create ample opportunity for the entire community to be engaged in planning for the future of our schools. Each of the Six Design teams (Communication, Community Engagement. Instruction, Facilities, Technology/Fine Arts, and Fiscal Accountability) will be facilitated by one of our district leaders. These teams will meet to discuss how to make long term lasting improvements and development recommendations for inclusion into the Strategic Plan. Additionally, the Board President has created a Growth and Facility Ad Hoc Committee who will be responsible for looking at an immediate solution to address the growing student population within our community. There has never been a better time to get involved in shaping the future of our schools. We remain committed to our Core Beliefs.
    • All decisions are made on the premise that children must come first
    • All district decisions are made to ensure that practices and policies are developed to be inclusive, sensitive and meaningful to our diverse population
    • There is a sense of urgency about improving rigor and student achievement
    • All members of our community are responsible for building capacity to reach excellence
    • We are committed to a process for continuous improvement based on collecting, analyzing, and reflecting on data to guide our decisions
    • That collaboration maximizes the potential for improved outcomes
    • We act with integrity, respect and honesty with recognition that the schools serve as the social core of the community
    • That resources must be committed to address the population expansion in the community
    • There are no disposable students in our community and every child means every child
       We have some challenges ahead of us. Our student enrollment is booming and we must work to curtail the burden of supporting the schools on the local taxpayer. This challenge is one that will require a careful review of programs, decision making processes and establish budget priorities. We will continue our quest to secure appropriate levels of State aid to support Monroe and work in concert with the citizen of our community to create the appropriate balance between offering a stellar educational program for our students and maintaining fiscal integrity.
    Yours for the Sake of All Children
    Dr. Kenneth R. Hamilton
    Superintendent of Schools