• Applegarth Elementary School

    Welcome to Mrs. Furnari's 5th Grade Class!
    Please read the story below for it is a reflection of my philosophy of teaching. I teach each day to make a difference because your child, my student, matters to me. I am inspired each year to be creative in my teaching style to allow students to grow in all areas of their life and at their own pace, because they are worth it. 
    The Starfish Story
    One night, on a sandy beach, a terrible storm started. It rained. The wind blew so hard that it shook the houses along the beach. The next morning was foggy and gloomy. Many starfish had washed up on the beach. A young man walked out on the beach to look around. Peering into the mist he saw an old man walking along the beach. He was tall and slender.The young man saw him throwing starfish back into the ocean. He approached him and said,
    "Why are you throwing those starfish back into the ocean? They'll just wash back up on the beach again. It doesn't matter." Without a word the old man bent over, picked up a starfish, and threw it with all his might. It went way out in the ocean. The old man turned to his young friend and said, "It mattered to that one."
    Author: Unknown