• Health & Physical Education Department

    The Health and Physical Education program at Monroe Township High School is a co-educational program for grades nine through twelve. Students are required to take three marking periods of physical education and one marking period of health education for each year in school. Developing, maintaining and evaluating recommended levels of health related fitness are major objectives of the program.

    Physical education students in grades nine and ten are exposed to a wide variety of sports, games and physical activities. Junior and senior students are given a choice of selected-elective activities. Groups of activities place emphasis on individual and dual sports with lifetime carryover value. The program includes Adaptive Physical Education, CPR, and first aid. In addition, to the physical education requirement students can elect to take Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries and Sports Coaching and Officiating.

    Health Education courses are composed of a variety of topics designed to expose students to information relevant to meeting their physical, social, emotional and psychological needs as related to health and safety. Health is a most prized possession and an integral part of every phase of life. The level of our health effects our ability to learn, live and relate to others. The Health Education curriculum for students embraces a body of knowledge that will establish a foundation for healthful productive living.