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    Hello Future Second Graders, 

          Welcome back to Oak Tree Elementary!  My name is Mrs. Zappolo or “Mrs. Z.”  and I am looking forward to meeting the students who will be part of our Room 7 community.

    I have been quite busy preparing for your arrival.  

           Here are a few interesting facts about me: See how many you can remember for a fun first day game: 

    • I have been teaching for 13 years.  I taught grades 5 and 6, Pre-K and Kindergarten.
    • I live in Morganville, NJ and grew up in Brooklyn, New York.
    • There are four people in my family. 
    • My favorite snack is anything chocolate.
    • I love to read books in my spare time.
    • This summer I traveled to Alaska, Seattle, Ocean City and went on a Caribbean Cruise.
    • My favorite subject in school was science.
    • As a child I had 1 dog and two cats (all at one time.)
    • My family loves baseball.  We are Mets fans.  
    • When I was in second grade, my favorite author was  Beverly Cleary.
    • My favorite color is blue.
    • The beach is my happy place.
    • I love to learn!

    We will learn more about each other during the first weeks of school.  

    Click on the supply tab on the left to learn what you need to bring on the first day. Please place all supplies in a large zip-lock bag with your name on it.  My webpage is a work in progress.  Be sure to check back for updates.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Zappolo


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