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    Hello, and welcome to the BCBA district resources webpage.  On this site we have provided resources and strategies that can be implemented in the home.

    On the individual tabs you will find resources such as visual supports, video models, and pre-recorded parent training presentations. 


    What is a BCBA?

     “BCBA” is a nationally-recognized certification that stands for Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  

    Behavior Analysis is the science of behavior and based on the philosophy of behaviorism.  The belief is that all behavior (appropriate and inappropriate) is a product of the events that follow it (i.e., consequences). Behavior analysts (i.e., BCBAs) use evidence-based research, treatment and interventions to analyze and change socially significant behavior in order to improve quality of life.   (BACB website) 

    You can find more information on Applied Behavior Analysis on the following site: 



    BCBAs and Monroe Twp. Schools

    Monroe Twp. Schools currently has three full-time BCBAs that provide district-wide support to students receiving special education from preschool through ages 18-21.  

    BCBAs can provide strategies that assist students in the areas of skill acquisition (i.e., learning new skills) as well as behavior reduction (i.e., behavior plans).  This is accomplished through staff training and classroom supports.   


    About us:

    The three full-time BCBAs have a combined 39 years of experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Their extensive professional experience comes from working with individuals with developmental delays across many settings including public schools, private schools, home-based ABA programs, after-school/community integration program, NJ Early Intervention Services, and a research department in a private school clinical setting.


    Areas Of Support During Remote Instruction via Zoom/GoogleMeets:

    A great way to maximize learning through virtual instruction is being proactive with best practice interventions.  Below are some of the ways we can accomplish this!

    -Parent Training 

    -Support during Group Instruction

    -Support during Individual Instruction

    -Collaborating with private home teams 


    Contact Us:

    Allie Cooper: Allison.Cooper@monroe.k12.nj.us

    Karitssa Barry: Karitssa.Barry@monroe.k12.nj.us

    Kathryn Mercado: Kathryn.Mercado@monroe.k12.us

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