• Reopening FAQ


    Where can I find the forms to opt out of transportation and into full remote learning?

    The forms can be found in Genesis Parent Connect in the Message Center.


    If we choose the in-person option, can we choose to switch to all virtual? Or vice versa?

    We are asking parents to commit to a full marking period/trimester when making the choice. This will assist us in ensuring scheduling and staff for all students. Yes, you will be able to change your mind but there will be a period of time that it will take to make that change. We are using the information about parents who may want all virtual to create our staff needs. Any changes between the two programs may require a teacher change.


    Are students in full remote a part of a class?

    That is our hope. It will depend on numbers.

    Are the virtual teachers employees of the school?

    Yes, they will be district teachers and certificated staff members.

    What about specials for virtual students?

    They will be virtual also.

    What will the remote option look like for students? Will there be an increase in expectations for staff and students?

    We have worked to improve our remote learning experience and it will include in person and video lessons with a teacher who can support students.

    Do students have to wear masks?

    Yes, for the safety of all.

    Can they play together at recess?

    Since it is a 4-hour session, there will not be recess.

    Will they have any “fun” assemblies etc.?

    There will be no large group assemblies.

    What about specials (PE, art, music, media, etc.), how will they be handled?

    They will have specials but the schedule may look different. We are still finalizing this.

    Will the 4-hour schedule follow the usual start and end times?

    We are planning for the same times as a 4-hour session day in previous years. We may have to adjust drop off/pick up times depending on the number of parents who may be driving students.


    What are the planned hours for before and after Falcon Care?

    We are still finalizing this but expect it to start at the usual time and end at 5pm.

    If my children attend aftercare, do they lose that additional hour of remote based instruction?

    We may have some availability of technology but I cannot guarantee this.

    Will they eat lunch there?

    Yes, they will have to bring lunch.

    Will the same social distancing rules in the classroom apply at Falcon Care?


    Should Falcon Care decide to provide care to children on their "remote days", what procedures will be put in place to ensure the children are logged into their classes and completing all required assignments?

    If we are able to provide Falcon Care for full remote days, we will utilize our ECE teachers, who are certificated teachers, to provide some support to students who are working on their school’s work at Falcon Care. We will have some devices available to students.


    If you opt out of transportation, are you doing so for the entire year or are you dividing the year into increments for parental decision making?

    We are asking for parents to make a decision that will at least last a marking period.

    Does the transportation waiver mean that the parent is committing to drive our children to school until January 2021 OR for the full 2020-2021 school year?

    The transportation waiver is for the duration of the remote instruction. If changes are necessary, written notice to the building principal should be made not later than 2 weeks prior to the end of the marking period.


    For children who are following the MTMS Blended Learning Schedule, will the same teacher stay with them throughout the day? Or are the children switching classrooms after every course?

    Students will change classrooms. Staff must have the correct certifications to teach their subject areas.

    Does the Blended learning schedule include time for the breaks?

    There are no specific break times but time will be provided within the classrooms, similar to other 4-hour session days in the past.

    Will the students be required to change for gym class? Will masks be mandatory if gym class is held indoors?

    All locker rooms will be closed and we will ask students to dress appropriately for gym class on the days they have it. We will work with the PE teachers so students are having activities that they can safely do with a mask on or it will be outdoors, weather permitting.

    What about clubs and extracurricular activities?

    We will identify which activities can be provided virtually.


    Will masks be required in the classes at all times - even if six feet apart.


    How will 6 feet apart be maintained in the hallways/bathrooms?

    Reminders will be put up in hallways and hallways may be one way. We are still finalizing this based on the number of students in the building. Bathrooms urinals and sinks are being blocked off to maintain the distance.

    How will assessments be handled for the kids that are remote ether 100 percent of the time of when their cohort is not in person?

    This is something that teachers and administrators have been working on since March. We are looking at all options and will report out when there is a final decision.

    How will bathrooms be monitored?

    Bathrooms are always monitored by staff throughout the day and will continue. Custodians will be doing extra cleaning throughout the day.

    Will the students be required to change for gym class? Will masks be mandatory if gym class is held indoors? 

    All locker rooms will be closed and we will ask students to dress appropriately for gym class on the days they have it. We will work with the PE teachers so students are having activities that they can safely do with a mask on or it will be outdoors, weather permitting.

    What is the Phase-In Plan for the High School?

    For the High School, the plan is to bring in between 500 and 600 students on day one. That group of students will be in the building every day. These students will come from all different populations of students, including special education and regular education groups. All remaining students will learn from home. ALL students will learn virtually from their teachers using the Schoology learning management system. Students in the building will have access to modification and support they cannot get at home but are needed for an optimal learning opportunity.

    After the first three weeks, so around the last week of September or the first week of October, the remaining students who wish to be a part of one of four cohorts to return to the building will do so on a rotating basis.  All students will continue to learn remotely, but students in these cohorts will be able to experience their socialization needs once or twice a week depending on the schedule. 

    How will the incoming freshman class learn the basics of Schoology? Will there be a virtual freshman orientation?
    Yes, there will be a virtual orientation, also there will be several videos posted giving the basic instructions of Schoology which will allow all students to get in the classrooms where teachers can give further instruction. Freshmen will be invited to pick up their iPads before the start of school.

    What will be the model/framework for grading at the high school level?
    Policies will be very similar if not the same as they were last September.

    What will be the PE policy, and will students be required to change and participate in activities with masks on?
    Students will not be allowed to use the locker rooms. On PE days they are asked to wear comfortable cloths to school to participate.


    What are some changes we might expect with the music program?

    The General Music curriculum provides instructors the creative latitude to design lessons that can accommodate social distancing guidelines.  The study of music theory, music interrelation / appreciation, and performance can be provided in both in-person and digital formats.  Students will be issued with individualized materials, when needed. 

    The Instrumental Music Staff has designed multiple contingencies, depending on how each school’s schedule finalizes its in-person / virtual schedule.  Over the past five months, Instructors have refined their ability to conduct virtual lessons on instruments (both individually and in small groups); and as a result, we centralize focus of our performance instruction on the virtual platform.  Large-group or in-person instruction will center on the students’ overall musicianship; and direct its attention toward the study of music theory, composition, and appreciation. 

    Chorus inevitably provides a larger challenge for the performance aspects of the program as scheduling and social distancing requirements will prohibit large group gatherings.  As a result, we are anticipating shifting our approach from large-group ensembles to smaller, chamber-groups that will allow instructors to provide authentic, focused feedback to student in a timely manner.

    Throughout this process – we have been working together with NJMEA and CJMEA to secure additional adjudication / master-class opportunities to maintain the level of rigor and progress our Performing Arts Program has enjoyed over the past five years.

    What are some changes we might expect with art classes?

    Our partner-vendors are providing “kits” that we can personalize, that will allow us to provide students with individualized supplies that directly correlate with our curricular guidelines.  Students will not be sharing supplies, under any circumstances. 


    What happens if a child or staff member develop symptoms or test positive?

    We are working with the county health department to plan for this.

    If another member of the student’s household tested positive for Covid-19, will all children in the household be restricted from in-person learning for the quarantine period?

    Yes, and this question is a part of the daily screening process.

    If someone in the school reports a positive Covid-19 result during a school, what will happen next?

    We will send students home as soon as reasonably possible. We will have an area in each school for isolation purposes. If there is a positive case, we will follow the CDC guidelines for cleaning.

    Will teachers have PPE, what happens if there is a fail to fill?

    We have ordered much PPE so far and will continue to do so. If it is unavailable, we will have to reconsider the in-person school option.

    Will faculty and staff and students have to quarantine for two weeks after going to a state on the state’s travel advisory list? Will they have to inform the school of their travel plans?

    Yes, this will be a part of the daily screening for all students and staff.

    Will windows be opened in the classrooms to help circulate and ventilate the air?

    Yes, and we will make modifications to the HVAC equipment controls to maximize fresh air intake whenever conditions permit.

    I have 2 children in different schools, (and I teach in a third school). What will be the protocol with all the affected schools if one of us get exposed?
    We will follow the guidance from the Department of Health.

    If a student or staff member is suspected of having COVID-19, what will be the immediate protocol, and what will happen after? If COVID-19 is then confirmed?
    We will work with and follow all guidance from the Department of Health.

    How will teachers be enforcing the mask "at-all-times" policy?

    Just like they enforce all school rules.

    What type of ventilation is in the school buildings and how is that being assessed?

    It varies per building and per area. Several schools have had multiple additions over the years and hence have multiple HVAC systems. Typical classrooms are either served by unit ventilators or ducted rooftop HVAC units.

    How many air exchanges per hour?

    Outside air dampers are typically modulated through automatic temperature controls and always provide the minimum required per code. However, in light of current conditions our objective is to override the minimums and provide maximum outside air intake, when conditions permit. e.g. In sub-zero freezing conditions we cannot introduce 100% outside air as this would cause issues with freezing pipes and make interior conditions unbearable. By increasing outside air, this will at times create room temperatures that may not be optimal. Occupants can wear appropriate layers of clothing to offset cooler or hotter conditions that may result on certain days due to the introduction of significantly more outside air. MTBOE utilizes an independent engineering firm, Energy for America to monitor and manage the building hvac controls 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. They will be able to consistently monitor and maximize outside air intakes.

    Is outside air being brought into the building?


    What type of filters are being used?

    Filters are as specified by the particular unit manufacturers.

    What guidelines are followed for building ventilation?

    New Jersey follows the International Mechanical Code and ASHRAE are the recognized standards upon much of what the code is based upon.

    How will positive temperature checks be handled especially when kids have been on a hot bus for up to an hour increasing skin temperature but not having a fever?

    We will isolate students in a supervised area and do rechecks before they are sent home.


    Will the district be loaning devices to families in need of technology?

    The district will be expanding the distribution of technology to support students in a virtual learning environment. More information regarding the process will be forthcoming.

    What are the at home technology requirements (computers, internet speed, etc.)? Will the district be providing our children with Chromebook or equivalent?

    The technology requirements for home will be the same as they were for the spring remote learning - At least a Chromebook with internet connectivity. The district will be able to provide some devices for families on an as needed basis. We do not have enough devices for every student.