• Hi! I am so excited to be your LLD Teacher! Can't wait to meet everyone! See you soon! 


                                                       Mrs. Colecchio


    School Supply List

    The following items should be sent with your student on the first day of school.

    • A backpack with your student's name clearly written on it. Please do not send a backpack with wheels.
    • A change of clothes in a clearly labeled bag. We will keep this in the classroom in case of emergencies.
    • A water bottle clearly labeled with student’s initials
    • 1 sturdy two –pocket folder (your take home folder for the year- please label the left inside pocket “Bring Back” and the right inside pocket “Take Home, Stays Home”)
    • 2 packs of pencils (we find that Ticonderoga last the longest!)
    • 2 large pink erasers, or a supply of pencil top erasers
    • 2 boxes of 24 pack of crayons. We will store the extra box in the classroom. Please do not send in jumbo, large, erasable, or washable crayons. Crayola crayons are recommended.
    • Blunt tip scissors
    • 4 or more glue sticks
    • 2 Expo low odor dry erase markers
    • 1 clean sock for wiping dry erase boards
    • 1 pencil box. Please make sure your student can open and close it independently.
    • 2 highlighters- any color
    • 1 box of tissues (always a classroom necessity!)


    **Please come to school with your crayons, glue sticks, extra erasers, highlighters, dry erase markers &sock eraser out of the packaging and store in your labeled pencil box.  


    The following are supplies that we share in the classroom and we would appreciate it if you contributed to our supplies:

    • Baby wipes
    • Paper towels
    • Box of sandwich-sized Ziploc bags
    • Box of quart-sized Ziploc bags
    • Box of gallon-sized Ziploc bags
    • Spray can of Lysol