• Mrs. Holmes's 2021-2022 Classes!                 
    Teacher Name: Sherry Holmes    Email: sherry.holmes@monroe.k12.nj.us  
    *Remember - You only have a 3 day window to make up a test due to an absence. Make an appointment with me and please keep it.   


    A Day

    B Day

    Block 1 7:27 - 8:51 

    Homeroom = 8:51 - 8:57

    1A Econ/PF DLE

    1B Admin Prep (Teacher's Workroom)

    Block 2 9:02 - 10:26 

    2A Econ/PF DLE

    2B Econ/PF DLE 

    Block 3 10:31 - 12:01

    D Lunch 12:01 - 12:31

    3A Econ/PF DLE (D lunch)

    3B Duty

    Block 4 10:32 - 11:27

    4A Prep Period (Teacher's Workroom)

    4A AVID 9  

    Student Access with Mrs. Holmes for any A or B Day After School Session

    2:05 - 2:30 pm = Must make an appt with me, but it depends on the day, since I work additional assignments for the district.

      Monsters Inc.  Like a new employee, students need to be taught the essential skills of their classroom and subject. Then they can climb the ladder of mental, social, emotional, and physical success.