• Ralph Zamrzycki
    Business Instructor/School Store Advisor
    Monroe Falcon
    Phone Number: 732-521-2882
    Marketing I
    This course is designed for all students based on the knowledge that all careers incorporate marketing into their practices. The U.S. Department of Education has identified 16 career clusters; marketing is one of the 16. Careers in marketing include selling, advertising, research, retail merchandising, entrepreneurship, marketing information systems, hospitality, travel and tourism, and technical sales.  All of these careers require the basic marketing skills learned in this course.  Students will also have the opportunity to utilize and incorporate their marketing skills and acquired knowledge while working on various engaging projects throughout the year.
    If you have ever thought about going into business for yourself then you have thought about becoming an entrepreneur.  This course is designed for the student who has aspirations of owning his/her own business and who recognizes the organizational skills and managerial skills that are needed to operate that business.  This learning experience will focus on the student’s selected business as well as the complete operation of the Falcon Zone School Store.  Students will be actively involved in daily business decisions that will include topics such as marketing, human resources, financial management, buying and selling goods, credit and a host of other functions that are essential for the successful operation of a business.
    Computers in Business
    This course provides the fundamentals and enrichment of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the Internet. These computer tools are necessary in today's business world for use in college, employment and personal use. Introduction to business skills, tools and materials are designed to provide hands-on practice with the latest computer equipment and technology.  Class activities include drawing, creative document design, creating a budget, charting and graphing, and presentations. Class discussions and speakers will discuss topics on careers in business and technology.