• Monroe Township Middle School
    Philosophy & Character Education

    Our Philosophy as a Middle School is to provide an environment that will nurture adolescents according to their developmental needs. During this transition period, the school will afford students the opportunity for the acquisition of essential academic skills as well as the development of a positive self-concept. Furthermore, we aim to instill in students a sense of values leading to respect for others and their differences, the ability to work with others, and a sense of responsibility for the environment and the community. It is our hope that the time spent at Monroe Township Middle School will foster life-long learning for students.

    Below is a list of our goals:

    To identify the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society and to demonstrate citizenship in school as well as community settings. (Citizenship)

    To develop self-respect and a positive attitude toward learning while exhibiting tolerance for multicultural perspectives and diversity. (Respect)

    To recognize and utilize the strategies necessary to maintain intellectual, physical, and social and emotional well-being. (Caring)

    To grasp the political, economic, and social changes that are occurring in the world today and to realize that those changes affect individuals in different ways. (Fairness)

    To establish standards of individual character and moral responsibility by embracing positive values and personal goals. (Responsibility)

    To appreciate honesty and to approach the world in a truthful manner. (Trustworthiness)