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    Welcome Team QUEST students and parents to Mrs. Earl's website.
    Throughout the school year you can use this website to view your Social Studies FYI and get information about assignments and assessments.  
    I am also teaching the AVID elective this year.  Quest AVID Elective Students can find information and useful links under the AVID tab on the left bar of this page.
    Assignments, readings and handouts will be posted when possible on our Google Classroom, in addition to my Staff Webpage.
    Each student has been given a code to access their class' Google Classroom.
    MTMS has transitioned to a new Google Classroom login format for students.  
    Now your login user name formatted as follows:
    for example:
    Your password is your school network password which will be given to you in Social Studies.
    To join a class, you will use the class code which will be given to you in Social Studies (or in AVID).
    • Our FIRST Middle Ages Summative assessment will be on FRIDAY, March 29, 2019.  This was posted as a homework assignment on Wedneday 3/20 and a Study Guide will be provided on Friday 3/22.
    If you need to reach me, please email me at the following email address: 
    A note about your HOLT Textbook
    Students who request on-line textbook access will be issued a personal sign-on on in mid-September. If students have trouble with their personal sign-on or if they would like use an on-line copy of the textbook and did not request one, they may use the guest sign-on below. Students, if you are trying to access the textbook using an iPhone or iPad you may need to download additional apps.  
    If you are having trouble viewing the on-line textbook, a photocopy and pdf of assigned textbook pages will also be posted on our Google Classroom and on the Webpage. 


    You can access the Holt On-Line Textbook as my guest by going to http://my.hwr.com and using: 

    Guest Log-in: rmn4u    Password: guest

    Note - This sign-on will not work with Apple products.



    ALSO - for assignments and studying, copies of relevant pages of the History Alive textbook used in class or assigned are available in Google Classroom .  All students have been given a handout with appropriate sign-on information for their class's Google Classroom period. 
    It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.
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    E-mail address: kearl@monroe.k12.nj.us


    Note: Many activities and worksheets on this site have been adapted from our 7th Grade textbook series (TCI-History Alive- Digital Teachers Resources)