Monroe Township Middle School 6th Grade Band Information

    Fanfare Band
    Overture Band
    Purple Jazz Ensemble
    Small Ensembles


    Fanfare or Overture

    Due to the growing size of our program, we will be splitting the band into two equal groups with ensemble balance in mind. Each student will be placed into either the Fanfare Band or Overture Band. Ms. Vingara and I will rotate between the ensembles, so each group will spend equal time with both directors. Both groups will perform in all concerts and competitions. While the ensembles will be playing different music, all 6th grade students will be eligible for the same opportunities throughout the year.

    What you will learn:
    Band members will develop their musicality through a variety of rehearsals and performances. Students will gain experience playing in groups of varying size, which will teach them to listen more intently.


    What you will need to prepare for class:
    Folder for music (provided by school)
    2 pencils (on for each folder)
    Music (provided by school)


    Zero Period Rehearsals:
    The Concert Band will rehearsal during zero period(7:20-8:05am) on Monday and Thursday mornings. Doors to MTMS open at 7:15am. All band members are expected to attend zero period if they will be present at school.

    How you will be graded:
    Everyone will start with 100. Points will deducted for the following:
    -1: Attend lesson unprepared
    -1: Attend zero period unprepared

    -2: Do not attend lessons without notice
    -2: Miss Zero Period rehearsal without notice

    If you miss a zero period, your grade will not be reduced if you provide a parent note/e-mail before rehearsal.
    If you miss a lesson, your grade will not be reduced if you provide a teacher signed lesson excuse form.

    Six Flags Trip:
    All 6th grade band members who maintain an 88 average in band will be eligible to participate in a Six Flags band competition in May.  

    Concerts and Performances:
    Winter Concert (6th Grade Fanfare, Overture and Purple Jazz Bands):December 6, 2022
    Spring Concert (6th Grade Fanfare, Overture and Purple Jazz Bands):May 16, 2023
    6th grade music program trip Six Flags: May 16, 2023

    How to contact your teacher:
    E-mail  David.Rattner@monroe.k12.nj.us                 Web site http://tinyurl.com/MTMSbands
    Office Phone (732)521-6042 x2501